PR: 3:22
(66.56% age grade)
Marathons: 14

Carlsbad Marathon 2010
Finishing the Carlsbad Marathon, 2010 (3:27)
I started running in 2005.

Previously, I had a heart defect which prevented me from running more than half a mile. But in February 2005, I had open-heart surgery and got a brand-new, artificial aortic valve.

A cardiac rehab program taught me some basics of fitness. Then, at the pub, where many foolish things happen, I rashly mentioned to my friends that I might try training towards a marathon. Well, that backfired. In a panic, my friends joined the San Diego Track Club's Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon training program, so I had to too.

We spent six months training for the big event and learned many excuses for not running. However, the big day came and we retrospectively had fun running 26.2 miles in 4+ hours.

For two weeks afterwards, I just sat around. So, to keep some level of fitness, I signed up for more races. Now I have to acknowledge that, until some other hobby comes along, I'm a runner.

Over the Years
Carlsbad 2010 Carlsbad 2009 Carlsbad 2008 Carlsbad 2007
San Diego 2009 San Diego 2008 San Diego 2007 San Diego 2006
2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Full Marathons
Run 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Carlsbad 3:56 3:27 3:33
Los Angeles 3:32
Boston 3:32
Rock ‘n’ Roll (San Diego) 3:39 3:30 3:35 3:48 3:46 4:17
Long Beach 3:31 3:40
CIM (Sacramento) 3:22
Half Marathons
Carlsbad 1:45 1:42 1:52 2:04
San Dieguito 1:42 1:34 1:36 1:391:54
La Jolla 1:44 1:49
America’s Finest City 2:06 1:37 1:421:42 1:56 1:57
Silver Strand 1:40 1:331:46


2006 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (San Diego)

Time: 4:16:54.

Hot and muggy, but rock bands every mile.
SDRR06 1 SDRR06 2 SDRR06 3
Me, A1 (Andy Cunningham), A2 (Andy Harris), and Ron (Seager).

2006 Scripps Ranch 10K

With Jennie


2007 Carlsbad Half Marathon

In training (left to right): Me, Erica, Andy Oliver, Phil, A2, Lori, and A1. Finishing just ahead of A2.

Carlsbad Half Marathon Carlsbad Half Marathon

2007 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (San Diego)

Time: 3:46:21.

Had good, cloudy weather and fast start, but keeping an empty stomach proved a poor idea and I hit "the wall" early. Still, the mantra of "don’t stop" got me to my first sub-four-hour time. That got me place number 40 out of 259 in the track club.

SDRR07 1 SDRR07 2

2008 Carlsbad Half Marathon



2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (San Diego)


Trained with the San Diego Track Club. Ran with A1 (Andy Cunningham), A2 (Andy Harris) Phil (Shorter) and Julio (Cordioli). Met Ken, Vladek, Will, Bob, Deana and others.


2008 America’s Finest City Half Marathon


2008 Long Beach Marathon

3:40. I made my second concerted effort to get a Boston qualifying time, but to no avail. Things were great for the first 20 miles but I hit the wall and had to walk the last six miles.

2008 Silver Strand Half Marathon

1:46. A nice location but brutal weather, running into the sun and an 84° Santa Ana wind. On top of that I had a terrible stomach bug -- but you don’t want to know about that. Still, it was great to jump in the ocean afterwards.

2009 Carlsbad Marathon

3:33. My third attempt at a Boston qualifying time came up short. This time I made it to mile 23 before fading.

2009 San Dieguito Half Marathon

1:39. Decided to go for it, full pelt the whole way to scrape in under 1:40 for the first time.

2009 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (San Diego)

3:35. The hardest I’ve ever worked. Nothing went wrong, I guess I'm just not fit enough to do my goal of 3:30 (this was my fourth attempt). Started fading at mile 17 and used every bit of mental energy to meet my B-plan of not stopping for the first time in a marathon.

2009 America’s Finest City Half Marathon

Didn’t commit to the race and it showed, as I was walking by mile 11.

2009 Long Beach Marathon

3:31. My fifth attempt at a Boston time. Determined to pace every mile exactly, I followed my watch religiously. Too much so, as I omitted to consider the slightly extra distance and missed my goal by six seconds! That’s twelve feet. How stupid.

2009 Silver Strand Half Marathon

1:33. No watch (the battery died before the start) led to a more interesting race, trying to catch anyone in front of me.

2009 California International Marathon (Sacramento)

CIM 2009 3:22! Finally, a Boston-qualifying time, my sixth attempt. The first marathon that a flight was required. This was Boston West, as everyone I met was there for one thing only: a Boston time. Freezing cold literally -- I picked up a water bottle during the run and it was all ice!

2010 Carlsbad Marathon

Carlsbad Marathon 2010 3:27. Fantastic weather (just after five days of storms). Good to mile 20 (running alongside idol Gary Aultz), then I started to fade again. Perhaps I need to get back into gels. Messed up my shoe tag so didn’t get recorded crossing the finish line. Won’t do that again!

What’s Next?

L.A. Marathon in March, and San Diego in May, both are new courses.