Hudsons’ 2016 Christmas Letter

2016 Soccer Christmas card from House of Hudson


The Hudsons’ 2016 Christmas Letter


FIFA 16 had a recognizable and action-inspired artwork to base our soccer-themed 2016 card on.

Shoot, we missed Xmas. As a substitute, you score this New Year’s card from Hudson United.

Soccer (football) kept us at the top of our game for much of 2016, taking us to Las Vegas and numerous fields (pitches) elsewehere — proving to be a match for us most weekends. We sprinted into the final months with high hopes but went offside during the elections: all agony, no ecstasy. Still, the family highs trumped any lows. Here are the results:

Roxy, 12, reached half-time at middle school. She played her sixth year for San Diego Soccer Club, nutmegging ten tournaments and scoring the first hat-trick of the league season.

Redford, 14, tackled high school. He ran cross-country with his “frosh” friends, played two seasons of “rec” soccer, and made the high-school soccer team, where he plays forward.

Jennie was traded to a new team at UC San Diego and now collaborates with colleagues at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She played on the road in New York, D.C., and San Francisco.

Andrew passed a fourth year of stretching and developing an app/book project. His band played at Balboa Park and twice at the San Diego County Fair.

On the sidelines, Jennie’s mom (mum), Judy, moved from L.A. to a house a corner-kick up the street from us. It’s been great having her on the local team.

Happy new year.
We hope you reach your gooooaaaalllll!!!!

From Roxy, Redford, Jennie and Andrew
with Hazel as Messi Dog and Lemon as Ronaldog

Hazel as Messi Dog Lemon as Ronaldog

Messi Dog (Hazel) and Ronaldog (Lemon).

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