Hudsons’ 2015 Christmas Letter

2015 Star Wars Christmas card from House of Hudson

Star Xmas

The Hudsons’ 2015 Christmas Letter

Parody. STAR WARS® is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd / Disney
which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Based on the 1977 Star Wars “Style C” poster by Tom Chantrell, from Manchester.

1977 Star Wars Style C poster by Tom Chantrell

Here’s a photo of the original acetate painting by Tom Chantrell.

Original acetate painting by Tom Chantrell for 1977 Star Wars Style C poster

For more information on the original poster, read:

Evolution of the Star Wars Poster

2015: May the season be with you

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the most anticipated film of 2015 and an easy choice for our Christmas card theme. As a fan of movie posters, I jumped at the chance to parody possibly the most famous work by renowned poster artist Tom Chantrell (from Manchester).

A long time ago in 2015:

Roxy, 11, finished elementary school as student council president and joined Redford at middle school. She played her fifth year of competitive soccer.

Redford, 13, started coding and built three Minecraft servers. He made several videos with his friends, see

To improve his running, Andrew has been stretching — for three years now. The band played several gigs including two at the San Diego County Fair.

Jennie’s schedule of Russian kettlebell workouts kept her strong during a year of personal and professional changes. She continues her work at UC San Diego.

Sadly Jennie’s dad, Jerry, 77, died in April. An avid runner, he was interested in everything and always the life of the party. We all miss him.

May the season be with you

Queen Roxydala, Redford Skywalker,
Princess Jenniea, Handrew Solo,
with Hazel as Yodog and Lemon as Dog Vader

Yodog dog as Yoda Dog Vader dog as Darth Vader

Yodog (Hazel) and Dog Vader (Lemon).

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