Hudsons’ 2011 Christmas Letter

2011 Lego Christmas card from House of Hudson

Lego Christmas

The Hudsons’ 2011 Christmas Letter

Parody. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies
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Lego was an enduring presence (presents?) in our house this year. Both kids loved building Lego sets and playing with minifigs (the little Lego people). Their rooms are decorated with Lego spaceships, armies, creatures, houses and horses.

In September, Redford got obsessed with making stop-motion movies using Lego minifigs. He has several posted on his YouTube channel. Then he started living every spare hour as AcidCrusherBeatbox in Lego Universe, an online game.

So it was pretty easy to think of a cultural touchstone that represented 2011 for us. For the card, we thought: what would we look like if we were a Lego set? Everything you see is a genuine Lego part (yes, including the turkey.)

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The Year in Bricks

Jan: Roxy and Redford become professional models as Andrew and Bob Krist photograph the Nikon D5100 brochure

Feb: Skiing in Big Bear

Mar: Roxy turns 7 with an ice-skating party

Apr: Andrew runs the Boston Marathon (3:32)

May: Jennie completes one year at UCSD (University of California, San Diego) organizing alumni events

May: The kids play soccer, with Roxy coached by a professional and Redford coached by...

Jun: Our new dog is born and is named “Lemon” by Roxy

July: The Koalas play one of seven gigs

July: A break in Vegas

July: The kids get their first belts in martial arts, and Lemon turns 1 month

Aug: Roxy appears on the Nikon D5100 box and the Coolpix S4100 newspaper insert

Aug: Lemon comes home

Aug: Redford turns 8 with a laser-tag party

Aug: Roxy’s team wins the “San Diego Premier Classic” tournament (GU8)

Aug: Jennie remakes our patio

Aug: Redford looks handsome

Sep–Nov: Lots of soccer (football)

Oct: Halloween is scary

Dec: Lemon gets to go to the beach

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