Hudsons’ 2010 Christmas Letter

Royal Greetings
The Hudsons’ 2010 Christmas Letter

Our apologies that this year’s card did not get mailed. Andrew didn’t budget enough time to get it finished. Also, the following cable was only recently released by Wikileaks.

2010: Royal Engagement
By Queen Elizabeth II

To the Commonwealth and Colonies:

Dear Subjects,

My husband and I are delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to the Hudson family.

He wanted to marry a commoner so I found him some commoner commoners.

Here is what they claim to have been doing this year. Read it while I play Angry Birds on my iPad.


Roxy turned six with a 3D movie party. Joined Daisies. Played two seasons of soccer, coached by her dad. Due to poor leadership, first team called the Purple Birds, Pandas, Giraffes and Hearts On Fire. Second team = Lavender Penguins. Played All-Stars.


Redford turned eight with a lasertag party. Also played two seasons of soccer with the Purple Reptiles and the Red Fireballs where, proudly, the team was unbeaten. goalkeeper.


Jennie got a new job working at the local university (UCSD). She is the Assistant Director, Alumni Programs, Division of Arts and Humanities. Took family to Big Bear for skiing and RBI for Xmas.


Andrew ran three marathons (3:27, 3:32, 3:30), three half-marathons (1:36, 1:37, 1:40), and competed in his first triathlon (sprint, 1:11). The band played seven gigs and got a new member. Made first two ebooks.

Hi Subjects, my husband and I again. The leader of the Colonies, Sarah Palin, just sent a telegram via Twitter:

Dear Queen,

Congrats from the Heartland. I’m glad that you decided to refudiate America so I could be queen.

Having a wedding and being almost famous and all, you could get your own reality show. Mine is on TLC, Sundays, 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central. Maybe on my show I could visit you in New England?

You betcha’, Sarah.

P.S. I thought you were great in We Will Rock You.

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