Merry Twitmas

The Hudsons’ 2009 Christmas Letter

What’s happening?

Nothing. Nothing is happening. It’s Christmas. You can’t get anything done at... OMG!!! The Xmas card! Quick, family, what’s our theme?


andrew Avatar! We could be blue. And computer generated.

4:55 PM Nov 13th from pandora

jennie Yeh, a blue card with computer-generated people. Like we’d do that.

4:55 PM Nov 14th from web

redford SpongeBob! We could be yellow. And absorbent. And porous is he.

4:55 PM Nov 15th from pineapple_under_the_sea

twitter Have you heard about Twitter? It’s very useful.

4:55 PM Nov 16th from mobile

roxy Reality TV! We could crash a White House party.

4:55 PM Nov 17th from white_house

redford Ooo, can I get launched in a balloon?

4:55 PM Nov 18th from garage_loft

andrew Can we have 8 kids?

4:55 PM Nov 19th from mobile

jennie That’s gonna happen. We need a theme that is topical, of the moment, a la mode.

4:55 PM Nov 20th from iPhone

redford Ice cream?

4:55 PM Nov 21st from school

panang Ice cream?

4:55 PM Nov 22nd from hope

twitter Just found a parking space.

4:55 PM Nov 23rd from parking_lot

roxy I like art. Redford likes computer games. FarmVille? Poptropica?

4:55 PM Nov 24th from web

andrew Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, ...

4:55 PM Nov 25th from iTunes

redford Kanye West!

4:55 PM Nov 26th from mobile

andrew Don’t interupt me.

4:55 PM Nov 27th from web

roxy Heidi Montag, Ashlee Simpson, Taylor Swift, Miley Cirus.

4:55 PM Nov 28th from CMA_awards

andrew I don’t know who any of those people are.

4:55 PM Nov 29th from lost_in_modern_society

twitter I’m standing on one leg.

4:55 PM Nov 30th from nowhere

roxy This is all so 9/10. No one sends cards any more, it’s the age of social media. Get with the times! Just send an email; text; use FB.

4:55 PM Dec 1st from iMac

panang Free Biscuits?

4:55 PM Dec 2nd from iPhone

jennie Spacebook? Sorry, my iDroidBerry has an H1N1 virus. C’mon people, this is a Christmas letter, we’re supposed to make people jealous.

4:55 PM Dec 3rd from iDroidBerry

redford But we do the same thing every year. We skied in Big Bear, went to England for Uncle Patʼs wedding to Emily. Thereʼs nothing new to report.

4:55 PM Dec 4th from UK

roxy And Mommy became funemployed when Macyʼs centralized its PR/events dept in L.A. Who could make a job loss sound impressive?

4:55 PM Dec 5th from free_at_last

sarahpalin Hi Hudsons! Iʼm going rogue! You betchaʼ.

4:55 PM Dec 6th from book_circuit

twitter A free subscription to Twitter makes an excellent Christmas gift.

4:55 PM Dec 7th from promotion

andrew Ooh, I know! How about Christmas itself? Come on kids, what is the reason for the season?

4:55 PM Dec 8th from faith

redford Commerce.

4:55 PM Dec 9th from capitalism

roxy Consumption.

4:55 PM Dec 10th from cynical

panang Food.

4:55 PM Dec 11th from hunger

twitter Pointless babble.

4:55 PM Dec 12th from uncle-pats-40th-birthday

andrew No, what special birth are we celebrating?

4:55 PM Dec 13th from manger

roxy The new year! The days getting longer!

4:55 PM Dec 14th from winter_sostice

redford Santa Claus!

4:55 PM Dec 15th from xmastree

panang Biscuits.

4:55 PM Dec 16th from dogbowl

twitter Did you know that "Santa" is an anagram of "Satan"?

4:55 PM Dec 16th from northpole

jennie That’s lovely Twitter. Think kids. What is the higher power that sustains this great nation?

4:55 PM Dec 17th from iPhone

redford China.

4:55 PM Dec 18th from china

andrew Heathens.

4:55 PM Dec 19th from despair

jennie This is hopeless, and we’re out of time. All we have for the letter is how we wrote the letter.

4:55 PM Dec 20th from letter

charlie_kaufman Great idea! I can make that into a movie.

4:55 PM Dec 21st from movie_set

twitter "Movie" is an anagram of "I Move".

4:55 PM Dec 22nd from iMove

andrew Twitter, you are just annoying.

4:55 PM Dec 23rd from twitter

jennie No letter, no card; weʼll be unfriended. If only there were some shallow, self-indulgent way to brag about our unexceptional lives.

4:55 PM Dec 24th from twitter

houseofhudson 2009: J started writing & blogging. A ran 4 marathons. R&R, now 7 & 5, played great soccer. 4 wks in UK. Merry Twitmas :-)

12:01 AM Dec 25th from card


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Andrew qualifying for Boston at the California International Marathon. Roxy playing for the Shooting Stars and Redford playing for the PQ All-Stars.

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