Hudsons’ 2008 Christmas Letter

Palin Around with Hudsons
The Hudsons’ 2008 Christmas Letter.
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This year, we are honored to include a Christmas letter from our inspiration, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and 2008 GOP nominee for Vice President. She gets our vote for personality of the year. Take it away, Sarah.

2008: Change We Can Cash In
By Sarah Palin

Ah, the Hudsons. So cute of them to dress up as Tina Fey.

But ultimately what this Christmas card does is help those who are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy. Um, oh, it’s got to be about presents too, so shopping reform and reducing the wrapping paper and reining in the deer has got to accompany holiday relief, but 1 in 5 eggnog lattes being created, all under the umbrella of snow creation. Are those all my talkin’ points? As Santa rears his head and comes into the air space, where does he go? It’s Alaska, the state that I am the executive of.

Hey, I’m goin’ rogue now. You betcha.’ Sure, the election was a bridge to nowhere and this global credit-crunchy has hurt everyone but me, but as we approach the End of Days, I got a great appreciation for a real Joe-Six-Pack family — the Hudsons. They’re a team of mavericks, just like me and, um, that guy.

While lootin’ Macy’s, I met Jennie The Public Relations Executive. She’s a workin’ mom like me, but without the $150,000 wardrobe (wink). She works with the liberal elite media AND the regular gotcha’ media.

Her husband, Andrew The Publisher, ran two marathons (3:48 and 3:40) in search of energy independence. His band, The Koalas, played two gigs (maybe I should bring my flute) and his business applied for a $15B bailout but it was deemed too small to succeed.

They have two children, Fannie and Freddie.

Fannie, aka Roxy The Diva (aged 4), is a real beauty queen. She likes dancin’, swimmin’, gymnin’, and is desirin’ of a Caribou Barbie. She wants to be a community organizer, but where could you go with that?

Also too, Freddie, aka Redford The Future-Bug-Scientist (6), played soccer and his team scored silver in the PQ league. He lost six teeth so the dentist can’t say "drill, baby, drill."

Jennie and Andrew volunteered as art teachers at Redford’s school. Here’s a shout-out to all those first-graders at Sunset Hills Elementary School, you get extra credit for spell-chicken this lettuce.

The Hudsons went skiing in Big Bear, which is kinda like Alaska but without actual earmarks. Also too these mavericks re-landscaped their house, just for a better view of Russia. Now that’s my idea of foreign-policy experience.

Then there’s Panang The Moose, one animal I would not shoot from a helicopter. Hey, what’s the difference between a hockey mom and a dog dressed like me? Lipstick. And $165,000 in stylists. Ya know, Panang really did wear those glasses, although no amount of biscuits would make her pull a dog sled. I’ll get Todd onto that, right after he’s finished gettin’ someone fired.

Talkin’ about firin’ someone, I still have questionings for that Obama fella. Why spread the wealth when we can just give it to bankers? Why fix education when ya don’t need one? Why be pallin’ around with terrorists when you could be Palin around with Hudsons? Why pledge to meet with irresponsible world leaders when they only have a month left in office? Remember, pro-America, I didn’t read my concession speech (wink).

So in summarization, greetin’s of the season that I have a great appreciation for desirin’ to be wishin’ you of. And also.

You betcha, Sarah xx
Wishin’ You A Happy 2012

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