The Hudsons’ 2004 Christmas Letter

Andrew and Jennie’s 2004 Christmas Card

The Hudsonibles (2004)
Save Christmas Day

A parody of The Incredibles (Save The Day) by Disney/Pixar.

Starring (left to right): Redford as Dash, Andrew as Mr. Incredible,
Roxanne as Violet (in the body of Jack-Jack), Jennie as Elastigirl,
and Panang as Edna Mode.

Card 2004


A family of superheroes (in their own minds) is forced by a rash of pregnancies to set aside their special powers and live a normal suburban life. After inadvertently uncovering a diabolical plan to commercialize Christmas, however, the family of five must bring together their respective strengths to save Christmas day.


Newcomer Roxanne (Violet/Jack-Jack) has the super power to appear from nowhere, particularly on March 22, 2004 weighing 6lbs 15 oz. A great delight to her parents and family, this blue-eyed, often-smiling, nine-month-old girl can now crawl and has a voracious desire to see new things -- and eat them. Redford (Dash) has super speed, racing through toddlerhood to reach the "two’s" class at day-care. He loves big trucks, can count to ten, say the alphabet, and knows the word "ship" for frustrating events. Jennie (Elastigirl) is able to stretch time (by omitting sleep) to work special events/P.R. at Macy’s and be with her wonderful children. But can her body un-stretch from three pregnancies in four years? Andrew (Mr. Incredible) has the super strength to swap a convertible for a minivan. He works on three super new books (bringing the total to 14) and the band plays at the Hard Rock, twice. The house (Nomanisan Island, not pictured) gets a super new garage door, windows, front door, washer and dryer. Meanwhile, the good dog Panang (Edna Mode) is just plain super.

The Hudsonibles are visited by Jennie’s family, grandmother, and great-aunt Mary; Peter Finter (from Andrew’s GEC Coventry days); Andrew’s cousin Liz Kerr and family; and Andrew’s mum Chris and her sister Yve.


Computer generated but lacking any animation. Although based on a Pixar film, the house looks like Toy Story, the parents live A Bugs Life, some days it’s Monsters, Inc., and nobody’s Finding Nemo.

photo photo

Card printed by Shutterfly.


Roxanne / Violet (disguised as Jack-Jack)

Redford / Dash

Panang / Edna Mode
The good dog Panang turned three in 2003. She’s a chocolate-brown Labrador retriever.

Jennie / Elastigirl
Jennie could have some text here. Yes, you’ve caught us, unfinished. Perhaps we should add one of those "under construction" graphics.

Andrew / Mr. Incredible
Andrew needs to write some text here.
photo photo

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