Andy and Jennie’s
Christmas 2000

The year in pictures.

Following last year’s episode, we sneakily got married. Just a minor point. we were trying to capitalise on those free millennium-celebration fireworks. Since that’s a whole separate story, please visit the wedding page.

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photophotoJennie was happy. And why not. Andrew on the other hand was more concerned about finding a cheap band for the wedding reception, so he created one. At the Australia Day Party of Andy Cunningham, Andrew and two friends -- Steve and Phil -- formed a band with the delightful name of “The Psychedelic Koalas.” The music was as confusing as the name.


photophotophotoHunted by paparazzi, we escaped down to Mexico for a few days with friends Gray and Andy. Life is better with margaritas. Later we took off to Mammoth Mountain and a ski trip with Andy Harris, Phil, Nerliza and Andy C. Got to get those black diamonds in. Finally it was time for some disc golf with the usual suspects plus Jo Ann, Ted, Rochelle and Robin.


photo photoThe Koalas -- now with Ted the drummer and Lanaya the voice -- decide to learn more than three songs and get down to some serious practice. Setting up shop in Steve-the-teacher’s classroom gives Jennie some peace on Wednesday nights.

April, May, June and July

Well we’re not sure what happened here as we don’t have any photos. Perhaps nothing happened and we just lay in bed, sounds about right. Jennie continued to work hard as the PR/Events Manager for Macy’s in San Diego. Andrew published A Photo Tour of San Francisco, started work on several books about L.A., and teamed up with his favorite photographer and idol Bob Krist.

Andrew’s book The Magic of Balboa Park won two national awards: the Book of the Year Award, Photography and Fine Art (second place); and the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Coffee-Table/Gift Book.

In July, Andrew’s car finally died and he bought the car he’s been whining about for so long, a Mazda MX5 Miata, 1994 in Laguna Blue and tan leather.


The big event of the year was our U.S. wedding reception, on August 4. Click here for more photos. This was a great afternoon and evening, outdoors at the house of Kelli and Steve Roy, and hosted by Jennie’s parents, Jerry and Judy. Jennie hand-made all the table centerpieces. To make it even more special, Andrew’s parents, Cy and Chris, and brother, Patrick, flew out for the occasion. Trips to the Zoo and SeaWorld weren’t far behind.


photophotoJennie organized and promoted her largest event for Macy’s, a presentation by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York for Wedgwood china. Here they are along with Jennie’s assistant Amy. With TV crews, security and 300 attendees, the day was a great success and the Wedgwood staff declared it the best organized stop on their tour.

Jennie continued to work on the corporate board of the San Diego Opera and the Steering Committee for their Club Figaro Young Professionals Club. She also represented Macy’s for the La Jolla Playhouse and we enjoyed many fine plays there including "Millie."

photophotoBuffy the Vampire Slayer and Ziggy Stardust went to Phil’s First Halloween Party. It’s always scary when the Koalas play but, in front of 100 dressed-up people, it’s even worse. Still, anything with Jennie in a short skirt is worthwhile.


photoSadly Andrew’s dad passed away on November 11, he is sorely missed. He had been suffering for several years from colon cancer but the last few weeks and days came faster than expected. Andrew was packing his bag for England when his mum called with the news and he was in Barnstaple the next day. Born in Oxford, Reginald Cyril John Hudson became an engineer and sales manager in Redditch, and was a great dad. He loved rugby, the piano and sailing, and one of our last fun times together was sailing on San Diego Bay in August.

The Barnstaple Men’s Choir, for whom Dad played, sang wonderfully at the funeral which was attended by many family and friends. Andrew was also able to visit his godmother’s family (left), his great aunt’s family (center) and dad’s mother (right).


photo photo photoTo get in the spirit of Christmas, we spent a few days at romantic Balboa Island. Jennie loved the coffee-houses and Andrew fell in love with the ferry. We spent pre-Christmas with Jennie’s parents, Judy and Jerry, and sister Justine. An enjoyable way to complete the millennium.

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